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Baby Incubator

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Baby Incubator in the NICU

This baby incubator is a special cabin designed to provide a safe, isolated space for infants to live while their vital organs develop. It offers those little babies an ideal environment with appropriate temperature as well as the perfect amount of oxygen, humidity, and light. As a whole, PS114 is a temporary medical bassinet to support the premature, low-weight baby, the sick baby, or others with health issues. It is common to use in pediatric hospitals, birthing centers, and neonatal intensive care units. This neonatal ventilator is consists of a host, a rhinobyon, and a trolley. It is a dedicated infant ventilator based on years of experience our customers have in ventilating premature babies. So we clearly know what you want if you are in a similar situation. PS114 is invented to provide developmental care, infection prevention, protective therapies, and alarm management, which creates a secure and protected care environment for most vulnerable patients.