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Biochemical Incubator

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Low-temperature biomedical freezer

The single door freezer -25°C is suitable for laboratories due to the flexible storage. It is user-friendly with adjustable shelves and comes with the most necessary alarms. The $sku$ freezer is produced with attention to details and has many features that all come as standard. This low temperature can maintain the quality of the samples during preservation, which is very important for labs to get accurate examination results in scientific research.

Biochemical Incubator

The biochemical incubator refers to the temperature-controllable enclosure device used to culture microbial, plant, and animal cells, and some of the models have a bidirectional thermostat system of refrigeration and heating. It can accurately simulate the climate conditions in different environments, compact, stackable, energy-efficient, and exceptionally reliable. It is special constant temperature equipment for water analysis and BOD determination, culture, preservation, plant cultivation, and breeding of bacteria, mold, and microorganisms. This biochemical incubator is the essential device of biochemical, agriculture, medicine, environment protection, and other scientific and research.