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Pharmacy Freezers

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Vaccine storage fridge medical refrigerator

The medical refrigerator is designed for specific vaccine and biological storage applications, making it ideal for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, clinical labs, and medical offices. It combines a glass door, digital temperature display, an alarm, and LED interior lighting. CLS023 is housed within 5 units that realize classified placement for different vaccines. The refrigerator uses fan-forced air circulation to keep the inner refrigerated cabinet at an average temperature. The drug freezer is mainly applied in refrigeration, preservation, and transportation of drugs, vaccines, reagents, and blood. It is the essential equipment for labs, which is widely used in scientific search and medical treatment.

Single door blood bank refrigerator hospital freezer

The Blood Bank Refrigerator is specialized refrigerating equipment for blood (whole blood) storage applications. It is widely applied in medical labs, hospitals, blood banks, and sanitation and anti-epidemic stations. The refrigerator is designed with superior quality standards as we are dedicated to providing refrigeration solutions in the blood bank, for the correct preservation of its blood products. And $sku$ is made of a robust housing, thick insulation, easy-to-maintain interior container, forced-air cooling, automatic defrosting, etc. If you have interest in this freezer, please review the below blood bank refrigerator specification.

Ultra-low temperature refrigerator biological pharmaceutical lab freezer

This upright laboratory meets industry demand for safe, long-term storage for the most high-valued materials. It maintains a reliable and uniform -86ºC ultra-low temperature environment so that it can securely store valuable and irreplaceable samples with the utmost confidence that they won’t be lost in the case of compressor failure. The cooling vertical cabinet is widely used in electronic industries, university laborites, military industries, pelagic fishery companies.