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Mobile ultraviolet disinfection vehicle AO-SV101

AO-SV101 mainly consists of a base, a box body and a lamp arm. It is a mobile ultraviolet sterilization vehicle that is applicable to the medical and health departments, research institutions, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. It mainly performs to sterilize and prevent bacteria spread, which plays an important role in fighting against infectious virus. Especially in public work place, the ultraviolet disinfection car is an essential medical protective equipment to ensure people work in the sterile environment. We manufacture this product in line with international standards, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any needs of it.

Mobile Portable Bi-Level Medical ventilator (For hospital)

Use of a ventilator is also commonly referred to as "life support" or life sustaining equipment. This means that without the machine the patient would not survive. A ventilator is a type of equipment that is used in the ICU to assist people in breathing when they are unable to do so themselves.

Medical portable respirator/ventilator

It is a multi-functional Ventilator, it is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency.

Ambu bag Autoclavable Reusable Silicone Resuscitator bag Ventilator

The Ambu has a squeezable bag, a one-way valve, and a face mask. Compressing the bag opens a valve, forcing air through a mask or artificial airway into the lungs, according to the journal "Critical Care Nurse." Releasing the bag closes the valve and exhalation occurs passively through the exhalation port. During exhalation, the bag automatically refills with room air or oxygen. The cycle continues until spontaneous breathing occurs or breathing is mechanically supported by a breathing machine.