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General Outpatient Department Supply

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Direct Lightweight Hand-held Ophthalmoscope

The ophthalmoscope is the essential equipment adopting the optics performance to clearly observe the fundus diseases. It is small in size and lightweight for easy carrying around. It features a head made from lightweight hermetically sealed plastics, precision optics, and a latex-free rubber eyebrow rest. Powered by bright white bulbs, this ophthalmoscope can provide crystal clear illumination in ophthalmic diagnostic procedures.

Table d'examen électrique EMS-D404

La table de traitement électrique de thérapie à haut débit a été conçue principalement avec le marché du sport physique / médical à l'esprit. La largeur, la mousse exceptionnellement confortable, la capacité d'être utilisé complètement plat ou avec le dos et le genou se lève; Signifie que cette table de traitement électrique fonctionne à plusieurs reprises et se prête volontiers à tout traitement. Convient à toute une gamme de traitements, y compris: massage sportif, ostéopathie, physiothérapie, réflexologie et traitements de beauté.

Hospital General Wall-mounted Diagnostic System

It is known as the tool kit that can be applied for general practitioners. As the name suggests, this diagnostic system is commonly hung on the wall for convenient use and placement. Its integrated design effectively saves space and improves work efficiency. Normally, the general diagnostic system has bellow configuration: 1. Sphygmomanometer 2. Oxyhemoglobin saturation meter 3. Ophthalmoscope 4. Otoscope 5. Laryngoscope 6. Thermometer We combine the comprehensive physical assessment and vital signs records in one system. The all-in-one equipment can improve patient safety, speed workflow, and save space for a limited environment. And we can adjust the configuration as the customer required, so please just contact us if you have an interest in this model.

Medical Diagnostic Otoscope Ear Care Mirror Kit

The otoscope is also known as the ear speculum, which is commonly used in external auditory canal and eardrum examinations. The whole set is composed of a protective nylon case, a bright fiber optic bulb, and 10 disposable specula replacement bulbs. This professional Auriscope looks like a funnel and has different sizes of calibers, so the operator can choose a suitable one according to the patient’s diameter of the external auditory canal. The auriscope can be used to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate ear symptoms. And this lightweight otoscope comes with a modern nylon case, in color as you prefer, for easy storage and safekeeping.

Non-mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera

This small digital fundus camera is designed for fundus examination as fundus imaging can greatly improve the exam efficiency of fundus diseases. It is a retinal camera for fundus imaging, diagnosis, and especially for fundus disease screening, and easy to obtain high-resolution fundus images. This type of portable digital fundus camera performs well in daily diagnosis and treatment. It helps take high-definition fundus images easily and transfer them to the PC via USB cable or even wireless. And it is widely used in diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

Slit Lamp for the Ophthalmology Department

GOS063 is a slit lamp microscope that is an important instrument in ophthalmic examination. It is composed of a lighting system and binocular microscope, which can not only make the superficial lesions clear to observe, but also adjust the focus and the width of the light source to form an optical section so that the lesions of deep tissue will also be clearly shown to users. It gives ophthalmologists a closer look at different structures at the front of the eye and inside the eye. This slit lamp is the main device in determining the health of the eyes and diagnosing eye issues. This ophthalmology department common device is usually to be seen in the optical center, physical examination center, and ophthalmic hospitals.