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Medical Consumables

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Medical Wooden Tongue Depressor AO-TD101

This wooden tongue depressors are natural birch spatulas, perfectly flat and smooth, round-shaped at both ends. It is made of high-quality wood that is odorless and tasteless and also environmental than disposable plastic examination supplies. It is usually used in medical practice to depress the tongue to exam the mouth and throat. Tongue depressors can also be used for spreading ointment and mixing medications.

Medical Disposable Non-slip Shoe Cover AO-DS101

This disposable shoe cover is a must-have in the surgical environment. It is breathable and liquid resistant. This anti-slip shoe cover is especially suitable for hospital sterilized rooms. Also, it is widely used in the family, hotel, sophisticated instrument room, computer room, and other dustless environments.

Hospital Disposable Surgical Gown AO-DSG101

This surgical gown is made of soft, skin-friendly and breathable material, which offers doctors the best comfort and hygiene protection. It is impervious to blood, liquids and other potentially infectious material. This versatile gown that can be used for a wide spectrum of procedures.

Medical PGA Suture AO-PS101

This PGA suture is made from 100% Glycolide popularly. It is designed to emulate the performance of Gut Sutures. And it ensures excellent knot safety and can easily be tied down because of smooth tissue passage. This PGA suture is a reliable absorption profile that Meets or exceeds the USP & EP requirements. After years tested, it appears to have the lowest infection promoting effects. It is now normally and popularly applied by many surgeons all over the world.

Medical IV Catheter AO-IVC101

This product utilizes patented automated retraction technology. It is easy to use and allows for one-handed venipuncture. It contains an integrated safety mechanism that, when activated, quickly retracts the introducer needle, which remains safely retracted inside the housing until disposal, substantially reducing the risk of a needlestick injury.

Blood Collection Needle AO-BCN101

Sharp&smooth edges make penetration painless, easy connection to rubber stoppers