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Military Series

This is a military combat series products that are especially manufactured for battlefield use. The product range covers from tourniquets, mobile operation lights to collapsible stretchers. All of them can meet the emergency rescue and treatment requirements in which second counts. And the product's surface color is specially designed in black or olive green. 

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Combat Tourniquet EMS-A209

Combat Tourniquet is used to block venous return temporarily before intravenous infusion or a blood drawing in all hospitals and clinical stations. It can also be used in first aid, blood station as well as home emergency.

SOF Tactical Tourniquet EMS-A209A

The SOF Tactical Tourniquet is 100% effective during the US Army Institute of Surgical Research testing. It uses the same application method for arms or legs, which minimizes training and reduces the risk of mistakes in the field.

Disposable Tourniquet Latex Free EMS-A210A

This latex-free tourniquet is an essential first aid kits stuff. It can be easily used and quickly stop blood bleeding. With its quality material, it will not cause a latex-induced allergic reaction in latex-sensitive patients or employees.

Military Operating Light SE-01A

This outdoor combat surgery light features an independent cooling system and optical components. It is lightweight and easy to maintain. One button to reach the maximum brightness or a specific value of brightness.

Carbon Fiber LED Surgical Stand Lamp (SE-02F)

1. Easy to operate: ergonomic design; assemblE and disassemble completed in 2 min. 2. Strong endurance: Powered by lithium battery; large capacity and long life. Use time≥6h. 3. Lightweight: compact weight≤16kg, equipped with universal wheel, portable.

Emergency Operation Lamp With High-definition Camera System (SE-01F)

This portable surgical light is featured with audio and Video acquisition, telemedicine and messaging with advanced technology.