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Electronic Weighing Scale

This electronic body fat weighing scale is the advanced version of the traditional mechanical scale. Featured high precision strain gauge sensors, it can accurately measure and estimate body fat, water hydration, muscle, bone, and calories.

Mechanical Weighing Scale

This mechanical scale is the most popular and primary scale. It provides a simple, reliable way to measure and monitor your weight. This scale accurately measures up to 330 pounds with 1-pound increments.

Upper Arm Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor AO-AES101

This automatic arm blood pressure monitor is intended to keep an eye on your vital values at any time and anywhere. It can effectively reduce the incidence of heart disease, especially for the elderly, just like a safeguard kept around.

Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor AO-WES101

This wrist blood pressure monitor is a medical or healthcare device that measures blood pressure with modern electronic technology applied and the principle of indirect blood pressure measurement.