Hospital Furniture

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Больница Руководство Душ Кровать AO-ST101

Эта душевая кровать предназначена для того, чтобы помочь пациенту больницы, который временно отключен, двигаться по собственному желанию. Оснащенная прочной рамой из нержавеющей стали, эта душевая кровать может выдерживать нагрузку до 330 фунтов. А его душевой бак изготовлен из экологически чистого и высокопрочного материала, который соответствует международным стандартам REACH, ROSH и EN71. Это регулируемая по высоте и спине кровать для удобного положения пациента, а также легкая очистка и стерилизация для повторного и длительного использования.

Hospital Multi-functional Bedside Cabinet-AO BT02

This bedside cabinet is made of ABS and metal makes that is safe and reliable for durable use. It combines a pull-out table, 2 side rails, a drawer, a large storage unit and a slipper box. The whole structure is designed to let people make the most of the space and place stuff in an orderly manner. Its 4 swivel casters are ideal for easy transport even when the cabinet is full of heavy stuff. We AO Tech specially provide customization service, please contact us if you are interested in us.

Medical Nursing Bed Tube Antil-Decubitus Air Pump Mattress-AO APM104

This product uses a surface that moves pressure around as needed to keep the patient comfortable and less likely to feel irritated during the treatment process. The mattress in PVC is composed of a dozen bubble cells, which is particularly comfortable for patients to lie on. It is easy to be fixed by making extra flaps kept on both the top and bottom of the bed. The pump can be hung to the end of the bed with 2 hooks.

Alternating Pressure Mattress with Air Pump-AO APM103

This air pump mattress is intended for the prophylaxis and treatment of pressure ulcers. It uses a low air loss therapy system to keep the patient cool and dry during the healing process. It also uses different levels of pressure as required to allow for redistribution to keep pressure ulcers from developing around the body. Besides, air cushions can be adjusted individually based on the comfort requirements that the patient may have.

Hospital Bedside Table on Castors-AO BT03

This bedside locker is made of safe ABS and metal material with no toxic. And it is washable and easy to clean. It consists of 2 rails on both sides, a pull-out table, 2 same size drawers, and a large storage unit. This cabinet also features 4 swivel casters which reinforce its mobility with ease manpower. Besides, the sturdy cabinet structure ensures its stability and reliability for safe use.

Hospital Bedside Cabinet on Castors-AO BT07

This bedside table is made of ABS environment-friendly material which makes it sturdy and safe enough for durable use. And it is washable and specially designed for sterilization acceptable. This AO-BT07 is the advanced type of other traditional hospital bedside table. It has 4 swivel casters which make it easy to move although it is full of heavy stuff. About more configuration details, please read the below information.