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Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher EMS-C301

The scoop stretcher is made of carbon fiber, which is the king of the new material. It has the lightest weight 4.7kg, but a huge load weight of 250kg. If an Aluminum alloy scoop stretcher can be used for 3years, then carbon fiber one can reach 6-8 years and greater durability against breakage.

Hydraulic Transport Stretcher with Weight Scale( Backrest May X-Ray) EMS-D303

This hydraulic transport stretcher adopts two hydraulic pumps and hydraulic control panel to adjust the height.

Split Rescue Basket Stretcher EMS-A502

Our two-piece design rescue basket stretcher is easy to be assembled in seconds and applied to a very range of emergency situations. And it is sturdy and flexible for use in all types of aid in special situations. Four quick-release patient restraints are simple to use and permit the rescuers to easily change the position of the straps to fit each patient.

Stainless Steel Ambulance Stretcher Platform EMS-D220

This stainless steel ambulance stretcher platform is suitable for a removal car/ ambulance. It's more cost effective and efficient than a traditional timber deck as found in most removable ambulances.This platform is designed for easy loading a coffin or stretcher.

X-Ray Translucent Spine Board with Safety Straps SD-01

The AOMED SD01 spinal board, also known as a long spine board (LSB), long backboard, spine board, or plastic backboard, is a patient handling and transporting device used primarily in pre-hospital trauma care, designed to provide rigid support during movement of a patient with suspected spinal or limb injuries. The cone-shaped design is easy to release the injured while in a hospital or emergency center.

CT Spinal Board with Spider Strap SD-02

As other backboards of this series, this spinal board is made of high-density polyethylene. It is durable and multi-functional which can be compatible with X-ray, MRI and CT examination. Compared with SD01, SD02 spinal board is with an integrated design that supplies a more stable solution to fix the injured.