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Operation Table

An operation table is a table on which a patient lies during a surgical procedure. It should be reliable, flexible and ergonomic for both the patient and the clinician. It is typically used within an operating room or surgical suite of a hospital, ambulatory surgery center, or other healthcare facilities where surgeries are performed. 

Our OR tables provide optimum solutions in every surgical discipline and for every surgical requirement. We have been innovating and developing new and better operating tables to meet the safety, comfort, convenience and flexibility requirements in the modern OR room. As you could see, we have three different types of electric surgical tables which are made of high-quality material and equipped with modern devices. You will have no worry if you choose us because our operating tables can meet various applications and surgical procedures in today's OR requirements.

For more info of those surgery tables' specifications or dimensions, please check below product pages or just contact us by one click.

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Table d'opération électrique polyvalente (double surface) AO-OT1A

Des capacités de poids plus élevées peuvent accueillir des patients plus lourds et permettre plus de chirurgies bariatriques. La table chirurgicale de polyvalence est conçue pour s’adapter rapidement et facilement à pratiquement toutes les spécialités chirurgicales. Il fournit une hauteur exceptionnellement basse pour les techniques bariatriques sans sacrifier la hauteur nécessaire pour les procédures orthopédiques et cardiaques.

Table chirurgicale électrique universelle (cylindre latéral) AO-OT1D

Table chirurgicale électrique universelle est une table d'opération mobile conçue pour prendre en charge pratiquement toutes les interventions chirurgicales générales et bariatriques, y compris les interventions cardiaques et vasculaires, endoscopiques, gynécologiques, urologiques, néphrectomiques, neurologiques, ophtalmologiques et orthopédiques, avec ajout d'accessoires de table AO.

Table d'opération électrohydraulique universelle AO-OT3A

Cette table d'opération est un produit universel qui permet aux hôpitaux et aux cliniques d'effectuer tout type d'examen gynécologique, de diagnostic et d'opération chirurgicale. Equipé des fonctions de réglage électro-hydrauliques, il peut être utilisé facilement et commodément.

Mechanical Operating Table

This product is used for the head, neck, thoracic and abdominal cavity, perineum, and extremities in the hospital operating room for surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology, ophthalmology, ENT, orthopedics. It is multi-functional and convenient to use but at a low price. And its base is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel which provides solid and steady support for the upper table. PS120 is a manual operating table fully meeting various requests by different surgery departments. It provides various positions through simple and accurate operation while ensuring patients' safety and comfort. It allows for every basic and specialist surgical activities which and is widely accepted by surgeons and surgical teams.