Maternal and Fetal Monitor

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Medical Maternal and Fetal Monitor for Hospital Use

The maternal and fetal monitor is designed to sense the physiological data of the pregnant woman and fetus, and the device can sense a variety of physiological changes and strengthen information, transforming it into electricity information, automatically calculating and redacting the information. After the above automatic process is done, the monitor will activate the alarm when the result is over a certain index. It is an advanced monitoring system for both antepartum and intrapartum that are easy to use and allow you to improve your standard of obstetrics care.

Mobile Ozone Treatment Machine

The ozone treatment machine is designed to produce ozone and the ozone can combine with the nebulizer to form ozone fog that can be applied to different treatment parts of the body according to the different clinical requirements. This medical device takes advantage of a strong sterilization effect so the ozone fog also has a disinfecting function. In that case, the cell membranes of pathogenic microorganisms would be destroyed, and then necrosis. This ozone treatment device features high-efficiency, fast and broad-spectrum sterilization. It has an extremely strong disinfecting performance to kill bacterial propagule, bacterial bud, virus, fungus, and other pathogenic microorganisms. So this device is widely applied in the therapy of gynaecopathia.