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Our hospital bed product range is from manual bed to deluxe full-electric bed. The basic manual hospital bed, electric bed, high-class electric bed, and shower bed. 

The manual hospital bed is the most basic and common furniture. We have two different types available HB-M311 and HB-M233. Both of them are with hand cranks to adjust bed level, backrest, and footboard. They are made of high-quality material and heavy-duty that can load 400lb for maximum.

The electric medical bed is specialized in the remote control to save manpower. Even there is no one around, the patient is able to adjust the bed level for more comfort. Compared with the manual beds, this full-electric bed can help people in Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg for special therapy.

The deluxe multi-functional powered bed is equipped with 7 motors. It is contented with a thick and comfy mattress, side rails, swivel casters with locks, an overbed table, a remote control, etc. One of its unique and advanced design is that the patient can get off the bed easily while the mattress along with the upper bedboard rotates into a certain convenient position.

We also provide manual shower bed and hydraulic hospital shower gurney for customers, which are popularly applied in hospitals, care facilities, and individual residences to transport an immobile person to a bathing area. And the nursing people can use the shower bed to help patients clean themselves which is necessary and helpful for them to have a good mood and heal from illness.

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Hospital Manual Shower Bed AO-ST101

This shower bed is intended to help a hospital patient who is temporarily disabled to move as his/her will. Equipped with the sturdy stainless steel frame, this shower bed can steadily bear people max 330lb. And its shower tank is made of environment-friendly and high-tenacity material which is internationally REACH, ROSH and EN71 approved. It is a height and backrest adjustable bed for a comfortable position of the patient, and easy to clean and sterilization to maintain repeatable and long-term use.

Muti-functional ICU Full Electric Hospital Bed (HB-E701)

We AO MEDI is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the quality hospital beds. This ICU electric bed provides easy adjustment for critical positions of the patient. The easy-to-use remote control provides motorized positioning of the upper body and foot and also adjusts bed frame height for efficient use of accessories and safe and easy transfer.

Intensive Care Full-Electric Hospital Bed-HB E503

Our full-electric hospital bed is the luxury and advanced version of HB-E202 that provides more comprehensive functions as height adjustment, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg. This affordable nursing bed is consists of a steel plate, ABS head&foot board, aluminum handrails, and 4 swivel casters. Its pleasant appearance and intelligent design are intended to let users feel easy, safe and comfy during the recovery process.

Medical Electric Hospital Bed (HB-E202)

Our electric hospital bed features an electric motor controls the adjustment of the head and foot with a push of a button. It provides patients who are in low mobility the great convenience to adjust the most comfortable position when nobody around. This cost-effective bed is ideal for anyone who needs an auto-style bed for use at the hospital or the nursing home.

Manual Hospital Bed (HB-M311)

Our sturdy and durable manual hospital bed is made of a cold-rolled steel plate, processed by electro-coating and powder-coating operation. It is a medical bed that uses hand cranks to raise the entire bed level, as well as the head and foot sections of the bed. With the nursing people's care and help, patients can adjust the position for comfort from time to time which is especially important for them who have to lay on the bed for a long time. All the designs and functions are intended to provide simplicity, quality, and comfort for those people in low-mobility.

Manual Hospital Foldable Bed (HB-M233)

This manual hospital bed is a medical bed that features adjustable backrest and footrest for the most comfortable position for patients. Those foldable aluminum alloy side rails provide full protection and also convenience for patients while they have to get out of the bed. Composed of 4 casters with brakes, even if there are no nursing people around, patients still don't have to worry about the stability and safety of this bed.