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Crutches are also the popular walking aid equipment helping people who are unable to bear your full weight on one leg due to an injury or surgery. Normally, people usually choose between forearm crutches and armpit crutches according to personal needs. Our heavy-duty bariatric forearm crutch is a pair of height-adjustable, ergonomic, certified for up to 180kg. The other typical metal armpit crutch features a built-in metal ring that helps prevent excessive wear and ensures maximum durability. Both of them have non-flip rubber tips at the bottom to ensure safety and reliability.

In addition, we have brief advice about how to correctly use crutches.

1. Adjust the crutches to a comfortable height

2. Ensure the holding gesture is right

3. Make exercise to use the crutches help you walk and sit

4. Lead with your good foot when you go up stairs

5Go down stairs with your injured foot in front of you

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Standard Forearm Crutches (AO-DEC101)

This adjustable metal vertical prop is used to help a disabled person walk by himself/herself. This vinyl coated and ergonomically contoured arm cuff is molded for comfort and stability. People can easily adjust the leg and forearm sections to find a person comfortable and convenient position. The extra-large tips provide added stability to the crutch. Besides, we have 2 different kinds of crutches on sale, the armpit crutch and forearm crutch available. You could easily find it on our website.

390LB Max Standard Metal Armpit Crutches (AO-AC101)

This typical metal armpit crutch is built in a metal ring which helps prevent excessive wear and ensures maximum durability. It is made of high-grade material to avoid abrasion resistance. It features ergonomic designs that make it ideal for people to feel comfortable and convenient during walking or rehabilitation.