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Urinalysis Analyzer

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Integrated Urinalysis Analyzer

The CLS010 urine chemistry analyzer is a fully automated urine work area solution for laboratories. It is a machine that a lab operator puts a urine specimen into a sample rack to be analyzed. The most routine type of urinalysis involves a dipstick test in which an indicator stick is dipped into the urine. Multiple tests are performed using a single indicator stick. The results of these tests provide important clues for a number of different conditions and provide guideposts for further testing and treatment.

Fully Automated Urine Analyzer

This CLS011 is a quick and simple solution for the analysis of urine, which is designed for use in clinical laboratories. Objective evaluation of the urine samples by the reader helps to eliminate any subjective interpretation of the color reaction of the diagnostic pads and therefore remarkably contributes to the correct diagnostic of the patients. A user only dips the test strip into the urine sample and places it in the insert area. The next steps – movement, timing, measurement, and evaluation – are done automatically by the urine analyzer.

Semi-auto Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The urine chemistry analyzer is an effective solution for objective standard and high-grade measurement of urine samples. The strip reader is a semi-quantitative semi-automat, which contains advantages as easy control using a touch screen, high speed, and the capacity of work for the routine operation in laboratories of the clinical chemistry.

Fully-Automated Urine Sediment Analyzer

The urine sediment analyzer is an instrument for analyzing the formed components (blood cells, white blood cells, macrophages, etc.) and various crystal substances in the urine during urine sediment examination. Mainly used in the clinical laboratory, kidney disease laboratory, and other urine routine analysis.