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Stretchers with Handles

This folding stretcher series is a lightweight and sturdy platform used to carry the wounded and the ill from inaccessible places to hospitals or emergency vehicles, in order to be taken care of in a suitable environment. All of the below stretchers are with non-slip rubber handles for a safe grip and easier lifting of patients.

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Collapsible Handle Litter EMS-A120/EMS-A122

This lightweight disaster Litter EMS-A120 is designed to support Special Operation Forces where every pound matters. State of the art materials and technologies have allowed us to reduce the weight without compromising the overall strength and performance of the evacuation platform. The overall length of Pole Stretcher Decon is about 80 in. enables floor loading on a UH-60 helicopter while allowing for maximum maneuverability during casualty evacuation in urban terrain. EMS-A112 is also a cost-effective aid for rescuers faced with the challenges of natural disasters and combats. This pole stretcher decon is with ergonomically designed handles and 2 IV Attachment Points.

Folding Stretcher with Square/Stirrups Feet (EMS-A104/EMS-A105/EMS-A106/EMS-107)

The crosswise/lengthwise foldable stretcher can be easily folded and the aluminum structure is characterized by its lightness and robustness. In order to guarantee stability on uneven surfaces, the feet are made of thermally treated aluminum. The 600 D nylon sheet, covered with vinyl is impermeable, fire-resistant, high frequency welded, easy to wash and sanitize. The Widthwise foldable stretcher has been produced evaluating reduced clutter for storage space and transportation. For this reason, the emergency stretchers of the folding stretchers are indispensable as reserve/subsidiary stretchers in the organization of major emergencies, in industrial accident prevention and in sport.

Camouflage Military Foldable Canvas Stretcher EMS-A118/EMS-A117/EMS-A115

Lengthwise and Widthwise foldable stretcher with square feet is made of high-strength aluminum alloy a durable waterproof polyester orange color PVC or canvas sheet. It is characterized by its being light-weighted, small-sized and easy carried. This kind of emergency litter is used to carry and transport an injured person to immediate medical care.

Multifunctional Sked Rescue Stretcher EMS-A407

The Sked Stretcher is used by virtually every rescue team in any rescue scenario including the military, emergency rescue services, and industry whether oil and gas, mining, construction or anywhere there may be a need to have a solution to a real or potential danger or hazard.

Compact Soft Stretcher with 4 Handles(EMS-A305B)

This soft stretcher is made of laminated PVC sheet and EPE foam with 4 holders. It is particularly suitable for rescue in the wild, mountains and high buildings. It is lightweight to carry but totally can hold 350lb-weight people.

Aluminum Alloy Foldaway Stretcher (EMS-A112)

This lightweight compact stretcher is made of mesh cloth. It is foldable and features compact storage. Equipped with non-slip telescopic handle and square support legs, the paramedic can easily and safely lift up and down the patient.