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Stretchers without Handles

These aluminum foldable stretchers are without handles but some of them are with casters for ease of movement. With a high-quality aluminum alloy and advanced welding technology, it can load large capacity when accidents, wars, and disasters happen. And the safety belts equipped can ensure the safety and stability of the injured victim during quick rescue and movement. The emergency stretcher can be folded into a small size so that features easy transportation and storage, which is important in evacuation carriers such as helicopters, where space and weight are at a premium.

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Lightweight Wheeled Stretcher EMS-A110/EMS-A113/EMS-A114/EMS-A116

The wheeled stretcher features two posts, two wheels, an adjustable backrest(EMS-A114), and two wide patient restraint straps with automotive seatbelt type buckles. It also conveniently folds, with the posts folding easily out of the way for compact storage and transport.

Emergency Rescue Aluminum Stretcher (EMS-A108/EMS-A109)

There are two different types of lifting stretchers: EMS-A108 is 2-fold and made of oxford leather, EMS-A109 is totally made of high-strength aluminum alloy. All of them feature a sturdy frame and durability, and both of them are 2-fold and equipped with two safety belts. They are ideal stretchers for mass casualty and catastrophic situations.