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Anti Coronavirus Items

As the novel coronavirus epidemic has been serious again recently, various government departments, public organizations, and members of the public have a strong demand for anti-epidemic items.  We try to list all kinds of supplies needed to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic (anti-coronavirus supplies items) such as Face Mask (include medical face masks), Face Shield, Medical Protective Clothing, Ventilator, Medical Safety Goggle, Thermometer, Gloves, Detection Kits, Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber, Patient Monitor, Oximeter, Oxygen Concentrator, CPR,  Disinfection products, if you could not find any anti-coronavirus items, please kindly contact us(email:[email protected]/whatsapp +8618551188203).

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2019-nCoV RNA Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probing) AO-TK101

In response to the epidemic situation of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus wide-spreading, we AOMEDI company developed the RNA detection kit, aiming to supply timely and effective detection service to extensive medical organizations. This kit AO-TK101 can detect ORF1ab and N gene simultaneously, the endogenous internal standard can monitor the experiment from the sampling process, assess the sampling qualified or not(exogenous internal standard do not have this advantage), and monitor the occurrence of false-negative effectively, assisting early clinical diagnostic, early treatment.

Biological Isolation Chamber EMS-D220/D221

Isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system to provide maximum protection and operational safety for both the contaminated person or item and the operational team.

Hospital Latex Powder-Free Gloves AO-LEG101

This pair of medical exam gloves are made of powder-free latex material and it gives extra comfort and optimum fit for users. It also can effectively keep puncture and chemical resistant for users. So health care professionals usually use latex gloves to prevent the transmission of microbes, chemicals or diseases. Besides, researchers who work with dangerous chemicals also use latex gloves to protect their hands, as rubber latex is very durable and resistant to punctures and cuts.

Hospital Oxygen Concentrator Home Use Oxygen Generator Machine

An oxygen concentrator is a type of medical device used for delivering oxygen to individuals with breathing-related disorders. Individuals whose oxygen concentration in their blood is lower than normal often require an oxygen concentrator to replace that oxygen.

Medical Disposable Protective Clothing AO-PC101

Whether it’s SARS or novel coronavirus pneumonia, medical protective clothing plays a vital role in every spread of the virus, and the quality of medical protective clothing is gradually improving with the improvement of production technology. AO-PC10 is used by medical personnel (doctors, nurses, public health personnel, cleaners, etc.) and people entering a specific health areas (such as patients, hospital visitors, persons entering the infected area, etc.).

Medical Treatment Goggles AO-SG101

This pair of goggles is made of latex-free material, and it is comfortable and lightweight for doctors to wear for a long time. Its wrap-around design provides both front and side eye protection. In addition, it can wonderfully match with a surgical mask and over prescription eyewear. It can perfectly fit all although there is only one size available. Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in our products.