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Trolley-mounted Electric Video Colposcope

The colposcope is the gynecology clinical diagnose equipment, and it is one of the gynecological endoscopes. It is applicable to detect various cervical diseases and genital lesions, which has important meaning for early diagnosis of relevant diseases, even more, serious health conditions. This clinically-proven colposcope with a cervical map helps improve biopsy selection, documentation, patient experience, and residency education. GOS103 has made a radical breakthrough in understanding the bio-chemical interactions on the cervix combined with a highly innovative approach, which makes it more advanced and popular than conventional colposcopy.

Integrated Gynecological Optic Colposcope

This GOS104 colposcope is the medical apparatus for clinical check if there is any change of cervix, vagina, and vulva tissues. It consists of a microscope, cannula, and micro-stat, and commodity shelf. Its main advantage is to assist biopsy localization and improve the positive rate of biopsy. It can shine a light into the vagina and onto the cervix. The video colposcope allows the health care provider to find abnormal conditions that only can be found with the colposcope.